Company Profile

The late 1920’, my grandfather had started working in the world famous Tsukiji fish market at age of twelve. Ever since then, a fish business has become a “family business” for us.
After generations, we based in a Tsukiji area Tokyo, Japan, one kilometer away from both Tsukiji and Toyosu market, and have branch in a fish market at Kanagawa prefecture which is next to Tokyo.

In our fish market, there are three different temperatures of storage, chilled, frozen and super frozen. With these cold storages, we are able to provide a “one stop service” from gathering seafood to export them.

We are ready to reach the customers of the world with the wide variety of seafood from a small island country in the far east.
Japan’s fish to the world!!

Business name Izuriki LLC
Description Marine product wholesaler
Establishment November, 2012
President Kosuke Nakaoka
Main Office 104-0054
Kachidoki 2-12-4
Chuo-ku Tokyo
Branch 216-0012
Mizusawa 1-1-1
Miyamae-ku Kawasaki Kanagawa