Fermented Aging Fish

Aging Sheet

  • Co-developed and patented by Meat Epoch Inc. and professor Dr.Murakami at Meiji University in 2016.
  • A clothe adhered cultivated bacterium called “Helicostylum” to make an aging meat easier, faster and safer.
  • The Helicostylum is in existence in the air and known to be a harmless to humans and animals.
  • No special skills or facilities are required to make an aging meat with the “Aging Sheet.”
  • Able to reduce the risk of putrefaction and improve yielding percentage of the aging meat.

Aging sheet


Fermented Aging Fish

  • Izuriki LLC used Aging Sheet to fish and succeed in making a sashimi grade fermented aging fish.
  • Applied Aging Sheet to a raw bluefin tuna and keep it in a cold storage for three weeks.
  • After three weeks, the fish is aged yet freshness is preserved.